Dear Haeften family members:

Over a year has gone by since our last gathering. It is time to take a walk on the path of our family’s history and to meet to enjoy some lovely conversations and a lively gathering.

We would like to invite you to our next family reunion which will take place at and around Xanten (Wesel District), in the Lower Rhine region, on 28 to 30, 2012.

Why Xanten? After walking down the Dutch path of the family at our last gathering, this time we will travel back in time to the origins of the German Haeftens. The Erprath Estate at Xanten, the main residence for some of the German Haeftens until 1879, which is still inhabited, is at the center of this. The agenda also includes a visit to the city of Goch where we will see the ruins of the Kalbeck Estate, the Xanten Cemetery with preserved family tombstones, as well as the castle grounds of the Estate of the Fürstenbergs, a family the Haeftens were related to by marriage. That is also the place were our reunion will take place, at the Hotel Fürstenberger Hof. The hotel was built on the foundation of the Fürstenberg Estate, owned by Carl Christian Theodor von Haeften from 1832 to 1837.

On Sunday morning we will cover several family-related topics. Dirk-Michael Harmsen (Karlsruhe) will introduce a proposal for the creation of a family club based on the experiences of the Harmsen family club. We will also discuss how and where historic family documents can be gathered (Dietrich v. Haeften, Utting). We will also talk about a potential Internet presence of the family (Rieke C. Harmsen). And finally, our conversation will also include the family tree found at Ophemert and its restoration. There is an option to visit Xanten once again, a city with its cathedral and, above all, a very interesting Roman archaeological site.

Above all, we should again have plenty of time and opportunities to get to know each other, to share experiences, and spend time together at our leisure.

We look forward to seeing you again!

Your Maxi, on behalf of the organizing team

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